Ibiza the home of Vagabundos

Ibiza embraces you with pure love & beautiful nature straight after landing in airport. Its a place where nature melts with music. Both are biggest loves of my life. I truly believe that music is a language of our soul. Language of soul is LOVE. Only in Evissa the sun is shining by night and day.

You can go to the island by your self and you will meet people who become your friends for the moment or for life. People here have very strong feeling of empathy. However you should remember to show your real face – smiling face. Smile makes everybody happy. Ibiza helps us to connect with our inner child which maybe is forgotten, but still lives within us; its true source of self-love, creativity, happiness, curiosity, fun & compassion. Be smiling be shiny.

What to do here is not the right question; the question is how to do everything. The best is to rent a car & to go around the island to explore the beauty of nature and the small wild beaches called cala’s. There you will get the peace & balance for your mind-body & soul. Es Vedra, Ibiza is the 3rd most magnetic spot on earth. Here you can meditate pray or just enjoy the beauty & magic of mother nature in silence. I think this is a place where unicorns are born.

 es vedra

lost unicorn his name is butterfly

One of most beautiful places is Formentera island. Its a miracle of god, where water is crystal clear and the sand soft as powder. Here you can meet the beauties and celebrities as Naomi, Orlando Bloom, Michelle Hunziker.


Republic of Music has to offer something 24/7. Of course it is all about choice and taste. There is one quality measurement related parties/events for me: if I smile while dancing, feeling happy by listening the DJ’s & can reflect the love of crowd, then is the right place (& all this without any additional supplements). I found this place: event created by the most talented & loving crew of Cadenza called Vagabundos! Ibiza’s freshest party fulfilled with amazing music, love, energy & happiness

Luciano Vagabundos 2016

The new season has amazing and most beautiful suprise as Vagabundos are coming home where it all began. It will be hosted at Pacha a place I really love as much as DC10  where you can see Luciano this summer again on 10th of July.


 ❤ V A G A B U N D O S 2015

laught_vagabundos_unicorn tears

Design by Alban Piot technical director at Cadenza* Photo @aDee
vagabundos luciano
Luciano at work* Photo @aDee
Vagabundos APiot work
Design by Alban Piot techical director at Cadenza* Photo @aDee
vagabundos roof
Design by Alban Piot technical director at Cadenza* Photo @aDee
Photo @aDee

LUCIANO & Friends @ Destino 2015/2016

If you feel for a nice day time event & chill out at the pool & dance after the sun goes down then the place to be is LUCIANO & Friends @ Destino. Created by the same talented professional team of Cadenza, which I believe is at the peak of their creativity.





Keep calm & go to Ibiza.

With love Theblondevagabundos “TBV”


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