Are you seriously surprised that Amsterdam impacted Quentin Tarantino who wrote the scrip for iconic movie Pulp Fiction, while living in the city for three months in the late 1992?

Amsterdam is sexy, tolerant, consciousness and cultural. There is something in the air. Even now writing I have a smile in my face. Whatever you feel like you will get it all here. I collected some recommendations of my dear Amsterdam friends about restaurants, bars, museums, clubs and of course some fashion pictures which reflects the city to me.


Museums come first and there is a such big choise of museums and galleries for every type of interest just go for it.

Stedelijk Museum  is a museum for modern art, contemporary art and design. This is my favorite one and you just get lost in the beauty and richness of his offering.

Arcam – place for architectural lovers. If you go on their home page you get an architectural guide of the city, which is pretty impressive.

Groninger Museum is a unique experience. The successful exhibition of David Bowie will be on display in December 2015. (This one is outside Amsterdam but amazing one).

Museum of bags & purses ladies I didn’t promise too much when I mentioned the city has it all.

 Dining, Drinking & Dancing

Food, drinks & dance in Amsterdam! You will not get enough!

The Conservatorium Hotel is Amsterdam’s has a great restaurant for dinner and very nice bar. The G&T’s are the signature cocktail of Tunes Bar where you can choose from a wide variety of around 30 kinds of gins and more than 6 different tonics. It is leading luxury lifestyle palace, evoking glamour and elegance for sophisticated, design-literate travellers. Located in Museum Square.

LION NOIR is most amazing french restaurant in town with beautiful garden, which you not expect from outside. Go for drink, lunch or dinner you have amazing experience.

Bar Moustache just stop at this very cosy place for coffee, aperitif, lunch or dinner.

IZAKAYA is chic place with amazing Japanese food and very fashionable & beautiful crowd. I am a big fan of this place.

CAFÉ GEORGE  very warm and lovely place to pop up in the morning and afternoon. As well before you go to Jimmy Woo get some warm up drinks here.

THE BUTCHER has a bit grotesque vitrine I believe reflects a little Pulp Fiction emotions. Day time you get nice burger. The goal is to get in at night-time & if you are lucky enough to know the PASSWORD, yes I ment a password, then you can get in the secret hidden cocktail bar. One idea how to get the password is to email them or be at the

DOOR 74 about this one I just can tell is dark woods, reservation, classy & sophisticated cocktails.

Gs in Amsterdam is the best keep secret for breakfast. I would say this place is like magic, where you can get most amazing breakfast you can ever imagen. I would highly advise to visit this little & cure house and enjoy your breakfast like never before.

Diner Obscure invites you into a world of boundless imagination. Titillate your taste buds and lose yourself in a new dimension of dining and live entertainment. This event takes just few times a year and I would highly advise to visit it.

Social Sundays is one of  exquisite events & place to be in Amsterdam on Sunday. Organised by creative & brilliant Chantalle Laurent at the most fantastic location WAmsterdam with open-minded, easy and very stylish cowd. Come over for a dance or just chill while listening tunes of talented DJ Paul van Katwijk as well called The Love Guru.

WAREHOUSE ELEMENTENSTRAAT I loved the sold out party & just incredible performance of Dj Luciano at his famous “Luciano & Friends”.

WAREHOUSE ELEMENTENSTRAAT is a place to dance in the warehouse location with the a huge heart on the wall. I loved this place while visiting most famous party of Luciano called “Luciano & Friends”.

JIMMY WOO posh and elegant. Jimmy Woo is one of the hottest clubs in Amsterdam and attracts a chic, sophisticated it is the total style contradiction to Warehouse.

Supperclub is amazing and beautiful experiment. Here you feel like in a beautiful magic perfume bottle and can listen to most amazing DJ’s as Allen Ellien who will rock you like crazy.

Sugarfactory is a dynamic, open-minded and creative place where club, live music and theatre meet in most beautiful location for clubbing.

ADE (Amsterdam dance event) at this event the whole city is transforming in an party. It’s most popular dance music event in Europe directly after Ibiza season closings.

Fashion reflection in Amsterdam.

Style is the answer to everything.

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