POLARIS Festival is more..!

The cold season arrives & it brings us brilliant news. Our waiting is coming to the End & fantastic Winter Music Festival “POLARIS” is taking place again after huge success of 2015.

Save the Date 9-10-11 of December & grab your tickets.

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Beautiful location of the event, high up in the crystal mountain “Le Mouton Noir”, 2,200 meters above the sea (I like to mention the sea brrrr). POLARIS Festival is organised with love, care & courage by profesionl Team, who achieved symbioses between MUSIC, NATURE & PEOPLE. It’s quite fresh in the industry, but already iconic destination for Electronic Music Lovers, who want more as just a festival.

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The Line up will blow your mind away. I believe the names are speaking for them self’s, but please allow me a bit creativity for descriptions. Hopefully I will not get a “Hausverbot” as I got by Tinder App, where self-enthusiasm driven, I placed pictures of Polaris Line up & dates, thinking it’s amazing advertising platform for the right audience, but was spoted very soon. Let the fun begin.


Luciano – the true Soul & Commander of Vagabundos & a half Human a half Dolphin.


Richie Hawtin – will be re-born as a Karate Master & have biggest Sake Brewery ever in Berlin.


Moodymann – a Man in very good mood & in to Motorcycle.


Dixon – must be an analytic & strategist DJ with the visualy/acoustically best name in the industry for marketing & merchandising goals.


Andrea Oliva – gives brilliant emotions via his music, but I  was sure it’s a girl & o boy.


Kalabrese – a secret boss of Cosa Nostra who lives in Zukunft.


Mirko Loko – 200% Mexican blood , full of the Rhythms & Fire.


Gianni Callipari – kindest & amazingly talented DJ. The winner of any hairdressers awards.

Adorable Verbier town is such a treat with all the beauty around. The fresh air & prettiness is magical. There are so many little, cozy & warm cafe’s, where you will get served by friendly staff. You have different offerings & choices after the festival to enjoy a Spa’s, skiing or paragliding. Bill Gates family did paragliding in Verbier with guys of VERBIER-SUMMITS. “Thanks for looking after my kids”- Bill Gates, so I believe you are safe in their hands as I was too.

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Speaking about Festival, please remember Fashion & Style. Express yourself and make Polaris even more amazing by dressing & styling up, because “Style is the answer to everything”- Charles Bukowski.

Polaris Festival is much more as just a Festival!