Havana is most unique city of rainbow colors and colonial architecture, enriched with charming vintage cars cruising around. This two oldies create lovely & romantic atmosphere under the palm trees. At night time city is just a magical place, where you get carried away by lights and sounds of it. The right attitude to enjoy Cuba is following: slow down, go with the flow & be prepared to wait everywhere and always.

The city blesses us with unexpected & incredible experience with aura of communism. Visitors loose the feeling of reality and get transferred in nostalgic past. Ernest Hemingway became a godfather of Havana for a reasons. He was extraordinary man of a strong will and the city reflects the same.

Havana is like old lady at the beautician, who tries to capture and reconstruct the last beauty. The untouched vintage spirit of the past centuries. Take a long walk out of the main streets of Havana Vieja and real life of cuban people appears in a front of your eyes. It’s loud, rhythmic, laidback and curious. You can take a ride with oldtimer to see: Malecon, Vedado and Miramar.


Forget selfie’s and posting them on social media in real time as there is 0 internet like cigars, which are myth and mostly tourists smoke them at 5 star establishments, because locals can’t afford it.

Ooo Daiquiri, the unicornian drink. Just thinking loudly: “Why they don’t serve Daiquiri at the airport?”. Everything & anything in Cuba is deficit except rum. Food & culinary adventures are slowly getting to the right level, but don’t expect to get amazing culinary experience. You need to know where to go and reservations are highly recommended. However cocktails are fantastic & adventures included. Let me share a secret with you, if you will feel like capitalism, there is McDonald’s next to the Guantanamo prison in Guantanamo Bay, just in case.

Let’s get to the second beautiful & cozy city of Cuba, which is Trinidad. Founded in the early 16th century in honour of the Holy Trinity, the city was a bridgehead for the conquest of the American continent. In 2002 it became UNESCO world heritage. Little town with living room style restaurants & bars. It’s like at grandmother’s house, warm and so cozy. African culture plays a strong part of history & you will see and feel it here authenticly, all around you.

However my favorite town in Cuba is Havana and welcome back Darlings. I got some nice recommendations for food & drinks, which are cherry picked. Nice bars, restaurants, hotels and museums can be accessed by walking in Havana Vieja district.

La Guarida elegant and beautiful people meet here. This is a place for fantastic food & good wines. Nueva cocina cubana presents dishes such as rabbit pâté in dreamy & romantic atmosphere.

Iberostar Hotel Parque Central beautiful place with amazing rooftop terrace. Enjoy the view and spend day time at the roof pool. My favorite place to chill out.

Ivan Chefs Justo super nice food and very cute place with the balcony.

El Rum Rum a place for gossip and amazing 20 years old rum to taste with about 20 cats cruising around you. We had such good talks there.

Lamparilla I just say tapas & cervezas.

Fabrica de Artes Cubano absolutely worth the trip along with the wait on line. It is space craftily designed to embody everything in one: bar, art exhibits, silent film, live music corner, movie room, mingling, that you absolutely must see.

VIP Club Havana at Melia Cohiba Hotel here you can listen and dance to fantastic quality cuban music. Highly recommended.

O’Reilly  a cocktail enthusiast will be happy with their experience & tasty cusine.

Al Carbon is specializing in traditional Cuban dishes cooked over charcoal.

Some useful information before traveling to Cuba. Prices in Cuba for tourists are the same as in Europe. Hotel usual price from 300-800USD per night, but you have Airbnb and make sure to book few months in advance. Internet doesn’t exist in Cuba, only in ***** Star Hotels, where you can buy access card for 10 USD and use it for 2 hours. Currency exchange 1 CUC – 0.95 USD and you can exchange it in most Hotels or Banks. You will be NOT able to use USA cards, as Cuba is still in socialism modus. American Taxi from the Airport 25 CUC (about 25USD) and vintage car taxi 20 CUC.