Berlin is the city of creativity, extravaganza, dreams and anarchy. It’s one of the cultural powerhouses of Europe and became a magnet for foreigners, who feel home & get shaped by the thrilling vibes of this city. Greatest artists, politicians and musicians went there to get inspired such as David Bowie, Marlene Dietrich, Franz von Suppé. Berlin is the place, where human freedom is celebrated every day.


“All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin. And therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words, “Ich bin ein Berliner!”.”
– John F. Kennedy, U.S. President, 1963


Speaking about creativity I would say it’s reflected everywhere and it doesn’t matter, are you in a snobbish restaurants or edgy club. Let’s take a deeper look in to Berlins fashion, dining and dancing offerings, which are very generous. Please remember, that you need to mix-up the luxury-snobbish locations with edgy-dirty places and then you will experience the real spirit of Berlin.


Please keep your mind open as your brain doesn’t gonna fall out.



Chén Chè Teehaus a location with cozy interior. Here you can get your balance back in the lovely oasis, drinking a magic tea and eating a delicious food.

Das Hotel is little cute bar with crowded floor and tasty cocktails for quite a low budget.

Moritz Bar an authentic gay bar, which welcomes everyone as Berlin usually does.

Benedict Breakfast best place in town for breakfast any time in a wonderful and cozy atmosphere. Here you get served fantastic breakfast you can get in Berlin.

Katz Orange is a slow food restaurant, they use following words on their home page “I LOVE YOU”, which tells everything.

Hotel Adlon Berlin a treat for the soul & spirit. If you fancy something classy and high-end service with friendliness, please try the exquisite offerings such as a “Adlon Brunch” or “Royal Afternoon Tea” and I promise you, that you will feel in heaven on earth.

borchardt the place to show off ( I mean it) here you have a chance to meet Johnny Deep or creative anarchist student and of course beautiful girlz of Berlin. I imagine that all this people have similar approach: “Think like there is no box”. Try the traditional dish à la Wiener Schnitzel, because best things in life are simple.

Grill Royal was well discribed by one of the customers Mrs. Birgit Walter: “Die Szene im Grill-Royal ist neu in Berlin, mondän, lässig, schick, hedonistisch…Die Gäste leben vielleicht über ihre Verhältnisse oder sie haben Geld, ganz einfach.” (For this one please use google translator).

Markthalle Neun brilliant spot in Kreuzberg. You will find everything you need and will just love it. Street food market under the roof with slow down and relaxed atmosphare. It reminded me a lot of Old Spitalfields Market in London.


Apartment Berlin impressive dark and simply most fashionable store with underground touch, which you will find once in a life time. I would describe it with one of Yohji Yamamoto quotes: “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me”.”

T H E S T O R E B E R L I N  the shop team is “redefining luxury” and integrates art, culture, lifestyle and fashion in one customer experience. Amazingly chilled  and friendly place based in the first floor in Soho House Berlin.

Acne Studios my favorite stores to visit. There is everything in balance, where fantastic materials meets geometric shapes with hint of playfulness.

Voo Store is flirting with it’s charming 300 square meter courtyard space on the ground floor of a former locksmiths and offers the progressive approach of contemporary fashion and cherry picked designers.

& other stories  a dynamic & feminine fashion store reflecting a strong personal attitude & character of it’s customers.


MS Hoppetosse I just love. It’s dark, free spirited and non commercial DJ’s on water.

Watergate is authentic and super unicorned club with amazing line up’s.

Süss. War Gestern a  living room style club for nice dance with a good tunes.

BERGHAIN / PANORAMA BAR  I don’t feel recommending it, even it’s the cult club to all the electronic music lovers.