Belgium Kingdom of Beauty Clinics & Fashion Museums

Fashion and beauty are connected and the secret place to get amazing experience is Belgium. This little & cute country is developing very strong & is taking over the leading position in beauty treatment industry & fashion presentation.

In Belgium located beauty clinics are providing innovative and professional services for best price (cost saving up to 40%) with certified products. I would advise you to visit the Global Care Clinic run by Dr. Nelissen, who told once that he loves to help women to look amazing. Here you can get small cosmetic treatments or surgery as portfolio is big.

If you would like to feel for a moment in Paris, New York or London I would advise you to visit fantastic fashion museums in Belgium. It feels like magic and you are able to see the fashion as real art with all the nano details. My favorite place is Mode Museum I spend there hours looking, feeling, imagining and listening. From 2nd of April until the 11th of September 2016 Fashion Museum Hasselt presents ‘Haute-à-Porter’, curated by the internationally acclaimed costume designer, journalist and photographer Filep Motwary.














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