Let’s go Bling-Bling & Luxury!

Luxury & la Couture de Madame Grès

From the 1950s until today this fantastic auction presents selected sparklers from the world of luxury. Collectors and lovers can be look forward among other things to an extraordinary crocodile leather Kelly bag, to watches by the brands of Cartier and Schaffhausen or to selected gemstone jewelries.

A special highlight of the auction are the sophisticated creations by the French fashion designer Madame Grès, who is famous for her Greek appearing evening gowns. The couture dresses consisted from the estimate of the opera singer and painter Marguerite Wood-Wessely, who stayed in Paris in the mid-centuries and was outfitted by Madame Grès. A classic green, silk jersey evening dress belongs to one of the jewels of this auction. For those, who are interested in fancy and tailor-made haute couture, for those this auction is also a must for lovers of prestigious fashion and designer houses like Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, as well as Tiffany and Chopard.Please join and enjoy your digital luxury adventure  here.

You’re a diamond Darling, they can’t break you. This is a quote I love as it represents a character. Jewelry is a statement of attitude with strong message of personality & character. If you travel the world you can see how incredible the jewelry is reflecting culture, history & nature of the countries.

The words diamonds, amethysts, opals, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, moonstones, South Sea and Akoya pearls makes melt every woman. Personalities like Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Everybody’s Darling Audrey Hepburn and amazing Björk are just few names I think off related to creativity and self-expression with help of jewelry & accessories.

Bjorksolomawi@noctismagazine shoot styled by @epinettefiles. Razor Blade Crystal Nymph Earrings fromLiz_Pbreakfast-at-tiffanys-audrey-hepburnI love the vintage pieces because the have strong character and some kind of history, which you continue wearing it. Jewelry can tell you many stories. Recently I found some amazing vintage pieces at the Auctionata in Berlin & New York based leading online auction house.  If you are lucky enough to invest in some amazing jewelry or sell it then you should give a try at Auctionata.

Sterling Silver Necklace with Pearls and Sapphires

Brooch/Pendant with Aquamarine and Diamonds, 18K Gold

ring_aBracelet with 51 Princess-Cut Rubies, 18K Yellow Gold

Earrings with Tahitian Pearls, Topazes, Sapphires & Diamonds


The second amazing discovery I made is the Mawi Official I believe this is most creative team which delivers you funny and colorful jewelry.

mawiofficialVeg, bagsMAWI @1883magazinejoannavalmaiwills





Shine bright like a diamond in the sky and enjoy your self.

With love Theblondevagabundos “TBV”


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